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GMap K12
GMap is an authentic "real-world" three-day workshop where educators collaborate with scientists from
the University of Utah to collect, analyze, and map data at the Rio Mesa Center in southeastern Utah.
GIS Resources
GPS Resources
Google Earth
Digital Mapping Tools
A Picture Worth 1000 Words
ArcGIS Online Resources
Global Positioning Systems (GPS): Learn the basics of global positioning systems (GPS), how coordinate location is determined, the limits of GPS, along with how it’s a tool used in GIS and geospatial technology. EarthCaching, Geocaching, and classroom lesson ideas are shared.

Geographic Information Systems: GIS is basically a computer database of information where each item is referenced to the real world. The ESRI ArcMap program
allows the user to spatially analyze, evaluate, and understand relationships with the physical and/or social world. GIS is a growing field in the physical and social sciences, business, marketing, government, health, education, etc.